Online shopping

2 Dec 2010 In: Uncategorized

To save time this busy season try purchasing your gifts online. Lots of stores currently have free shipping deals! You can easily comparison shop for the best price and many retail stores will take returns of online purchases. You can shop at any time of the day or night. But shop early so you don’t get stuck paying rush shipping charges. My mother-in-law resists this as she loves to touch and feel, but when you are purchasing things like books, music, movies, toys and electronics you know what you are getting so save yourself the hassle of running from store to store trying to find the latest WII game. Just sit back and wait for the mailman to arrive!

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Santa tip of the day

17 Nov 2010 In: Holiday, Tips

Last week I had to run to the mall to pick something up and I noticed that not only were the stores decked out for the Christmas holiday but Santa himself was sitting in the courtyard. Now it might seem a little early, I mean it isn’t Thanksgiving yet, but we recommend you visit Santa before December. The lines are much shorter (non existent actually) which results in a much happier experience for everyone! You also have the photo early so you can include it in your yearly photo calendar, book or card. Check back for more fun holiday tips starting in December!

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Ready for summer?

4 Feb 2010 In: Uncategorized
    In most parts of the country the weather is cold or colder so the last thing on our minds is shopping for swimsuits. However, in order to get the best selection you need to order soon! Lands End has free shipping this week. LL Bean has free shipping on orders over $75. Eddie Bauer has a large selection of adult suits. Victoria’s Secret has $15 off $100 right now. Swimwear Express, Venus, and have all swimwear all the time. Check out their extensive summer selections and have fun daydreaming about those hot summer days.
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I love you “beary” much

1 Feb 2010 In: Uncategorized

February has come to symbolize Valentines Day with the cards, flowers and parties it entails. Don’t wait until February 13th, start now. Go to the store and buy cards or begin making them. Even if you buy cards it can still take small children several days to fill in all the names. If you do a few a day it keeps the fun and eliminates the fights. If you are ambitious enough to make your own cards it may take a week or more. Over the next few days we will be giving you Valentine card, decorating and craft ideas.

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Summer fun – Sesame Place, Langhorne, PA

30 Jan 2010 In: Fun, Travel

If you live anywhere near Langhorne PA Sesame Place is running a special on season passes. You can purchase season passes for $62 and since a single or 2 day pass is $52 it is well worth it. (check out other level passes which include parking and admission to other Anheuser-Busch parks) Your season pass offers discounts at the park, special bring a friend days and special passholder only events. The dry rides and shows are open until October when they decorate for Halloween. We have been many times and always enjoyed it. They offer many shows, rides and water attractions. The key (like visiting any theme park) is trying to go on an off-peak day. May and June are the slowest times. They do offer some rides and many watersides that are good for older children, so you can bring the whole family. The characters are easily accessible as they walk around the park and are also at 1-2-3 Smile with me photo stop. The food is not spectacular and quite expensive so fill up before you go. There are many restaurants, hotels and stores right outside the park entrance.

What to bring:
swimsuits, water shoes or flip flops, towel, change of clothes, sunscreen, waterproof camera, and of course money

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Breakfast fun – pancakes

15 Jan 2010 In: Uncategorized

Bored of the same old breakfast? Spice up special days with colored and shaped pancakes. Use one color or many. Swirl gently – don’t mix too much or you will get muck. You don’t need fancy molds, you can easily use your spoon to draw the batter into simple fun shapes like hearts, moons, stars, pumpkins, bunnies, Mickey Mouse, smily faces and more. Use chocolate chips and sprinkles to add eyes and other features.
They don’t have to be perfect, remember they are going to be eaten in about 2 minutes!

You will be amazed at the smiles you get! Next time try it with other foods like potatoes, milk, muffins, cake, etc.

click photos to see larger images

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