I originally got turned on to organic milk after I had my daughter and read some scary articles about growth hormones in milk affecting girls’ growth and puberty. As my kids got a little older and didn’t drink much milk I thought about switching to regular to save money. That’s when I noticed that the expiration date on the organic milk was a whole month later than the regular milk! That’s right, 31 days. I just assumed that the chemicals and such would make regular milk last longer.

The reason behind organic milk’s miraculous shelf life actually does not lie in its pureness and healthiness – rather it is because of its weakness. It turns out that organic milk is so susceptible to parasites and other badies that its pasteurization process had to be changed from the way conventional milk is handled. According to NBC :

“Ultra High Temperature pasteurization involves superheating and cooling milk at extreme speeds, and extends the product’s shelf life from 17 to 45 days.”

I find milk (and most fresh foods) do not last very long once they have been opened. Buying organic I can keep several half gallons in the fridge so I never run out, and have a backup in case my milk goes bad. It’s a great for people who don’t use much milk, or don’t get out to the store often. Although it costs a bit more I find I don’t dump as much expired milk down the sink.