It’s time for a new school year to begin. As kids it represents the end of lazy summer days but as a mom it represents some well earned time to myself. At our house we are anxiously awaiting the teacher assignments, getting some new clothes, picking out this year’s backpack and finishing up our summer assignments. Remember to pack environmentally friendly lunches by using re-useable containers and reduce waste by not overpacking.
When buying school supplies treat yourself to a new 3 ring binder with dividers and pockets. Use it to organize class lists, schedules, appointments, extra curricular information, fund raiser papers etc….. Put up a large calendar to coordinate all your activities. Pick a weekend at the end of the month to have a final summer BBQ. If you don’t do it now the weeks will fly by and before you know it it will be time for apple picking and pumpkin carving! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Quick reminders for the 1st day of school:

    -organize clothes and backpacks the night before
    -go to bed early
    -eat a healthy breakfast
    -don’t forget to pack lunch (& keep some money in your child’s lunchbox for days when you forget!)
    - Take a photo to mark the new year
    -Put a note in your child’s lunch or backpack. They may think you are corny but they will appreciate it!
    - Put on a happy face – it’s gonna be a great year!

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