My son is obsessed with Transformers. He has been for years now since he saw this dancing car commercial. Way before the new movie came out we got our hands on the original series that my husband watched as a kid and watched every one many times. Of course we have the new cartoons, the new movie, many toys, books and we even made our own Halloween costume.

Our six foot tall Bumblebee

Our six foot tall Bumblebee

One day I was in Toys R Us and noticed this really cool Transformers display which consisted of 3 large cardboard characters. (Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Barricade for those in the know) I went to the desk and asked what they did when they took down the display and if I would be able to have it. She said they do give them away, but that one was already spoken for. Well I had a new quest. I looked up every store within about and hour and spent the day calling them. I got on the list at several stores. Finally, many weeks later I got a call. “We’re taking down the display. Come and get it, now.”

My husband and I load the kids into the car and head off. (I think I am the most excited!) When we arrive we realize that they looked big on display but they are actually enormous when standing next to them. With a little disassembly we finally fit them into the car and head home – with three 6 to 8 feet tall 3-dimensional cardboard cutouts.

I laugh when people are over and say ” I didn’t even notice them!” But they definitely are a hit. I think it’s safe to say we are the only ones on the block (or in the state) with 3 giant Transformers in our playroom.

Of course this is an extreme example, but you can ask for displays from toy stores and posters or stand-ups from the video rental store or movie theatre. More often than not they are happy to get rid of them(for free). I guarantee you will make a big splash with your child.