Oh no! We forgot the bedgate – what are we going to do? Never fear.

When we travel by car, we usually just bring our home bed rails, but when traveling by plane they are a bit too big and heavy to pack! (Especially these days) So, in our travels we have tried many things. I have propped pillows all around the bed, moved the bed near the wall, and strategically placed a chair or dresser next to the bed.

In researching travel bed gates I came up with a simple idea. Take a thin blanket or sheet, roll it up and place it on the edge of the bed under the fitted sheet. The sheet holds it in place and creates a barrier between your angel and the floor. I’m not sure I would trust it for very little children, but mine are pretty wild sleepers and it works great for them. If you travel often, you can buy an inflatable one, but for a couple uses I felt they were a bit pricey.