Click on photo to view largerMy kids enjoy playing cards games, but it is so difficult for them to hold more than a couple without dropping them. It is impossible to play a fair game of GO FISH when you know what all their cards are!

I read that you can just use a chip clip to hold your cards that works fine, but then I found a site that made their own card holder out of old cd’s. We made this one using permanent markers and stickers. You can also use a CD sticker to print out a design or draw one then stick it on. We fastened the 2 cd’s together with strong red double stick craft tape and were good to go. We only taped the middle, so that cards can go all the way around. It was a fun project. Quick and not too messy. We stretched out the fun by trying it out afterwards. We made a couple extra so we have them around for card night.
There are many types of card holders, but this one was easy, cheap and didn’t require any skill!

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