I am always looking for easy ways to get my kids to help out and become more self sufficient. In our house someone is always thirsty (they are usually hungry too but that’s another article). So in order to quell their constant requests for a drink of water I filled up every sippy cup and water bottle we own with fresh water and put them on the lower level of the refrigerator door. They can easily get their own drink without having to ask for help.

If you fill them with juice you may want to keep a certain number at their level so they don’t drink more than you would like. You can also use it as a teaching tool if your kids are always asking for juice. Fill up their allotted number of juice cups and tell them when they are gone that’s it for the day. Then they have to drink water.

It’s been a great start to independence without the added mess of them pouring (I mean spilling) their own drinks!