Last week we came across a great new collection of books at the library called the Graphic Library Series. They are factual books covering historical events but done in a comic book style so kids forget they are learning.

The books cover a wide range of historical topics such as the first moon landing and The Boston Tea Party, biographies such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson and inventions such as blue jeans and the Personal computer.

The great thing about these books is that the words are fairly simple so even beginning readers can tackle them, and the comic book-style illustrations will hold the attention of non-readers as well. We have gone through about 10 so far, and I think I enjoy them as much as (or maybe more than!) the children do. (I now know all about the invention of the Polio vaccine!) I highly recommend you check your library for this series. The recommended reading level is 3rd-4th grade and interest level 3rd-9th, but my 4 and 6 year olds just love them. What will they think of next?