Well I actually can’t answer that question. But if you have ever been with a small child you no doubt know this to be true. I often see kids playing with their parent’s keys. Somehow it keeps them entertained for hours!

Toy makers inevitably noticed this, and produced large, bright plastic toy keys. They somehow just aren’t the same – a kid will always choose the real keys.

What can you do if your kid just LOVES keys? You can’t give them yours, you need them to drive and get into the house and not to mention you don’t want them lost.

Get them their own set of “real keys”. If you visit your local hardware store they will often give you some of the mistake keys or for a few dollars you can buy a few new ones. (They come with neat patterns on them now.) Put them on a ring and Viola! Happiness.
(As with any toy and small objects watch your child as they could be a choking hazard!)