I am always looking for ways to get my kids (and husband) to help out more around the house. While the husband might be a lost cause, there may be hope for the kids. Last Christmas they each recieved a Spongebob pop-up hamper, and since that day they have been (happily) responsible for getting their dirty clothes into the hamper and getting the hamper into the laundry room. (Hey – every little bit helps!)

The hampers have handles for easy carrying and they collapse flat when not in use. We usually bring one or two on vacation with us. They take up very little room in a suitcase and help keep your dirty clothes contained (and out from under the hotel beds).

We’ve also found ourselves using them for storing and moving big toys like balls and dress up clothes. My kids even use the hamper as a toy, putting them on their heads and pretending to be robots.

They come in plain; decorated with your favorite character or sports team; and shaped like cute cartoon animals and flowers. Get them at your local home goods store or on amazon.com

Cost approx. $5-$20.