If your kids are like mine they love to draw and do crafts. In order to encourage this we found several products that help keep supplies handy and tidy.

First you need something to write on so you need paper handy.

I chose this paper organizer from Highsmith.com.
It fits 12×18″ construction or copy paper OR
2 rows of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper OR a stack of 12 x 12″ scrapbook paper

We use a drawer for other supplies, one for works in progress and one for finished projects. (Just don’t stack things on top of it!)

There are many other types of paper storage but they are pricer and mostly designed for 12×12″ scrapbook paper.

Next you need something to write with:
We have tried organizing writing implements in many ways. We kept them in their original boxes, put them in plastic storage boxes, and finally I found an art caddy. While the design seemed to make sense for an adult artist, with small children we found that it was difficult to put the pens back in their proper holes. I recently switched to a kitchen utensil caddy, and it works GREAT! It has large openings to store markers, crayons, pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks etc. It even spins so everyone can reach what they need. Mine is by Pampered chef. (Unfortunately it has been discontinued but is readily available on Ebay- I have not been able to find anything else similar)

I leave it out on the counter and the kids can easily start their project and then (most importantly) clean up afterward!

For more advanced projects we have storage for paints and brushes, stickers, beads, stamps, feathers etc. We keep these in labeled plastic shoe boxes and plastic drawers.

Another great idea are these inexpensive magnetic boxes I got at IKEA. They attach to a magnet strip on the wall but easily detach so you can bring them to where you are using them. My daughter has this setup above her desk.

Hope this helps tame your crafting monster!