It’s only the second week of school and we’ve already begun our first fund raiser! Sally Foster wrapping paper and ribbons! It comes at a good time as my mailbox is full of birthday invites for which I need to wrap gifts!

But where am I going to put all this new paper and ribbons? Today’s project came about as I was asking myself that very question. I started searching for a way to store my wrapping paper and vast array of ribbons. I could not find a commercially made one that would fit my space or my supplies. So, I set off to my drafting board and thunk one up.

Time: 15 minutes
4-8 yards or a thick ribbon (I used 2″ grosgrain)
2-3 large eyelet screws
several 1/8 to 1/2″ dowels

Simply fold the ribbon in half and stitch together at intervals of about 4″ for wrapping paper and 2″ for dowels which can hold wrapping paper or ribbon rolls. Be sure to leave room in between sections. Use a good thread and go over your seam several times so it’s sturdy. Be sure to install the hooks into a stud. Then simply place a thick dowel through and hang your ribbons off it. Now fill ‘er up.

Provides simple access to supplies and looks pretty on a wall or can go behind a door.