I’ve noticed on the past several trips I have been on, there has been major construction going on at the hotel or theme park. This can severely impact your trip. When you are traveling here are some tips to make sure your stay is as good as possible.

• Read over their entire website and/or brochure (even the fine print)

• Call ahead and specifically ask about construction or closings – they will not volunteer this information. Many times the construction won’t affect you, but who wants to have their vacation ruined by the sound of hammering at 7 am!

• Double check the hours of operation – many places have different off-peak schedules.

• Ask specifically about the attraction your are interested in. A large resort like Walt Disney World almost never closes completely, but specific rides and attractions will sometimes close for maintenance or refurbishing.

Obviously you can’t foresee every pitfall you may run into on a vacation, but when you are spending $2000, $3000, or more on a vacation, you want to go in with more than a fighting chance of success. My husband often reminds me that it’s often our vacation horror stories that make us laugh the most (after a year or two), but sometimes it’s nice to have things go smoothly. The more prepared you are the better equipped you will be to deal with the situation, and the less likely you’ll be to show up the week the pool is closed for cleaning.