“Hey mom where are my sandals?”
“They’re in the dishwasher.”
“You heard me!”

At first you may think I’m crazy (and you wouldn’t be completely wrong), but this idea came about when I noticed recently that all of our sandals and flip flops smelled like – well- the stinkiest feet you ever smelled! They were just repulsive. So I set out on a mission to get them stink free. I tried lysol and shoe powder and odor sprays and the newspaper trick and airing them out. Nothing worked. So since it’s the end of the summer I decided to do a test. I threw them all in the dishwasher. SIx pairs of super stinky flip flops, sandals, and water shoes. My test was a success! They are clean and smell like a field of fresh rubber instead of feet!

Here are a few other things my husband makes fun of me for putting into the dishwasher:

bath toys and loofahs
beach shovels, pails and other toys
fake plants
fish tank plants and decorations
small garbage cans
tooth brushes
bathroom cups and toothbrush holders
toy tea parties
lunch boxes

*Dishwashing tips – Be sure to turn off the heated dry and don’t wash anything sentimental or valuable just in case. Some toys can get water stuck inside them which can be a problem. The heat kills almost all the germs and gets your items so clean you could eat off of them – except maybe the shoes- yuck.