For some good clean Halloween fun try “Booing” your friends or neighbors. It’s a fairly new and fun Halloween tradition.

What you do is make up a small goodie bag and secretly deliver it to 2 friends. You include a poem that explains the bag and a ghost to put up on the door so you don’t get “booed” over and over again. In a perfect world, those 2 people then “BOO” 2 other people and so on and so forth all over town! Start early so it can get around.

Include age appropriate items
Be sure to include something for every child in the family
Start in early October so it can travel far and wide

Some fun items for your goodie bags

cookie cutters
holiday sprinkles
glow sticks
pumpkin leaf bags
holiday decorations like spider webs
tee shirt
luminary bags
halloween cups – plates – straws
coloring book – fun pad – book
pumpkin carving kit
holiday stuffed animal
mini play doh
Halloween music cd or movie
Halloween puzzle
small toys or games
velcro catch game
Halloween twister
Halloween hand towels

*Tip – I go shopping after Halloween and stock up on some fun (discounted) stuff for next year’s boo bags.

Be creative and send us your best ideas!

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