We recently travelled to Florida where we rented a car. Here a couple quick tips to make your next trip easier.

1 – Make sure you get a big enough car for all your passengers and luggage. It doesn’t have to be boring – get a car you would like to try out. You’ll get a lot better idea of how it handles and sounds on the road than from the 10 minute dealer test drive. We are in the market for a new mini van, so we were actually excited to rent a Toyota Sienna mini van, but if you don’t have much to bring, try renting a fun car like a convertible, sports car, Jeep, Mini Cooper or VW bug.

2 – Fill the ashtray with coins and dollars, you never know when you will be on a toll road. On our trip there were no people on duty to accept bills so we were scrounging around for change. Luckily there were no cars behind us. You don’t want to get hit with a fine, the fine for not paying a toll is much worse than the toll itself.

3 – When possible bring your own car seat – at least the sour milk and crushed cookies are yours! Besides, they are $10 a day to rent. For a weeks rental you could buy a new one.

4 – If you have a portable GPS bring it with you. Also bring a local map of the area and look it over to familiarize yourself with the roads you will be taking. You can rent a GPS but these are also expensive. If you have an iPhone or similarly equipped GPS-enabled phone you can use its map and tracking feature for directions also.

5 – Pack a kit to keep in the car: garbage bags, wet wipes, map, change and a few bottles of water.

Got any other killer rental car tips? Let us know in the comments!