It’s a wonderful time of year. Although it’s busy for everyone I hope to post many great holiday ideas.
If you celebrate Christmas it’s time to start your advent calendar. I still remember what ours looked like when I was a kid. (and it didn’t even have chocolates or toys in it!) Today they make ones full of candies, ornaments and Lego even makes one full of toys. You can also make your own including things meaningful to your family.
For my kids it is hard to wait for Santa but the daily surprise helps a little! I also try to fill up the days with outings and activities. They don’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Try:
-taking a trip to your local nursery to pick out poinsettias
-find a local gingerbread house contest and check out the entries – or if you are ambitious enter for yourself
-see a local production of A Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker
-watch your favorite Christmas movies
-attend your local tree lighting or Santa breakfast
-attend the Christmas parade
-check out your library for events such as story time, cookie decorating, ornament making
-check out your local arboretum for events like make your own wreath
-attend a winter festival
-attend a craft show
-take off a weekend and stay in a festive Christmas town
-help those less fortunate by donating food, clothes and toys

Whatever you do be sure NOT to overbook yourself so that you can enjoy the activities you do attend! And save time to check out MOMBUZZ for new tips, crafts, projects, gift ideas and fun.