As my friends and family are having children my Christmas card collection of photos grows every year. Instead of throwing them away I like to save them. The kids and I enjoy looking at them year after year- seeing everyone grow and change. I found an easy way to organize them is with inexpensive panoramic and 5×7 photo albums. I use the Pioneer flexible cover albums which come in different sizes and are very inexpensive. You can usually find them at your drug or card store or of course online. They are about $2 – $4. I fill up the panoramic with the 4×8 cards and regular 4×6 photos. I had to get a 5×7 album this year to accommodate the new style cards. Don’t forget to add a name and date if it isn’t printed on the card using a photo safe marker. I guarantee you will enjoy looking back at them in years to come. By the way don’t forget to include your own holiday card!