We’ve all seen the ad.
Tux rental $100
Flower girl dress $75
new camera $1100
memories of her first wedding … priceless

We spend years creating memories and preserving them in photographs. In minutes they can all be lost. Your computer could crash, get erased by a giant magnet, ruined from a spilled drink, burned in a fire or be water damaged by a burst pipe or hot water heater. I know several people who have lost years of photos because they did not have them backed up. This year take the time to keep those precious memories safe. For About $100 you can get a small external hard drive, you plug it into your computer and copy your files off. (You should be backing up yoru entire computer by the way.) As a double fail-safe we also burn our photos onto DVDs and store them in a CD book at my husbands office. In case of a huge catastrophe we will still have our precious photos. Don’t put it off until it’s too late.