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Cook up some edible Snowmen

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Now is a great time to revel in the winter with some fun snowmen pancakes. They are simple to make and lots of fun. My kids looooove pancakes and we eat them often. To make it fun I frequently color them with food coloring or make them into silly shapes. The snowmen are easy – [...]

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Thanksgiving theme dessert

In: Food, Holiday

Looking for a cute and deicious Thanksgiving dessert? Well I spent quite some time yesterday looking up ideas. I found this turkey cupcake on Betty Then I hit the jackpot! Gratefuldaisy had done the work for me. She compiled a huge list of treats from turkey cupcakes to marshmallow pilgrim hats! Click here to [...]

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Tip of the day: Can I have a drink mom?

In: Food, home, Tips

I am always looking for easy ways to get my kids to help out and become more self sufficient. In our house someone is always thirsty (they are usually hungry too but that’s another article). So in order to quell their constant requests for a drink of water I filled up every sippy cup and [...]

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What’s the deal with Organic milk?

In: Food

I originally got turned on to organic milk after I had my daughter and read some scary articles about growth hormones in milk affecting girls’ growth and puberty. As my kids got a little older and didn’t drink much milk I thought about switching to regular to save money. That’s when I noticed that the [...]

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