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Rental Car tips

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We recently travelled to Florida where we rented a car. Here a couple quick tips to make your next trip easier. 1 – Make sure you get a big enough car for all your passengers and luggage. It doesn’t have to be boring – get a car you would like to try out. You’ll get [...]

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The dishwasher – it’s not just for dishes

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“Hey mom where are my sandals?” “They’re in the dishwasher.” “WHAT?!?!” “You heard me!” At first you may think I’m crazy (and you wouldn’t be completely wrong), but this idea came about when I noticed recently that all of our sandals and flip flops smelled like – well- the stinkiest feet you ever smelled! They [...]

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Tip of the day – Go for a walk

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It’s fun, free and healthy. To make it more exciting everyone in my household has their own pedometer to measure how far they have travelled. If possible we try to walk somewhere; to the park, school, the post office or best yet for ice cream. Not only is it good exercise but you get the [...]

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Tip of the day: Craft storage

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If your kids are like mine they love to draw and do crafts. In order to encourage this we found several products that help keep supplies handy and tidy. First you need something to write on so you need paper handy. I chose this paper organizer from It fits 12×18″ construction or copy paper [...]

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Why do kids love keys?

In: Tips, Toys

Well I actually can’t answer that question. But if you have ever been with a small child you no doubt know this to be true. I often see kids playing with their parent’s keys. Somehow it keeps them entertained for hours! Toy makers inevitably noticed this, and produced large, bright plastic toy keys. They somehow [...]

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Last week we came across a great new collection of books at the library called the Graphic Library Series. They are factual books covering historical events but done in a comic book style so kids forget they are learning. The books cover a wide range of historical topics such as the first moon landing and [...]

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