Cook up some edible Snowmen

11 Jan 2009 In: Crafts, Food, Fun, Holiday

Now is a great time to revel in the winter with some fun snowmen pancakes. They are simple to make and lots of fun. My kids looooove pancakes and we eat them often. To make it fun I frequently color them with food coloring or make them into silly shapes. The snowmen are easy – three sequentially smaller round pancakes that run into one another. To add the eyes, nose and mouth I used animal shaped sprinkles. You can use regular sprinkles and chocolate chips for the buttons. They don’t have to be perfect you are just going to eat them, but I guarantee you a big smile when your little ones see this breakfast.

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Get organized in the new year

10 Jan 2009 In: Uncategorized

Each year in January I fuddle around trying to gather up all of last year’s tax information, and each and every year I vow not to be more organized next year. Well this is my year. I am going to take the first week of January to set up some new files to keep track of my business expenses, personal healthcare, car service receipts and kids schoolwork. The key is to put the file, or box or however you store your papers in an accessible place so you can easily put papers where they belong. Have a system so you always know where things go.
My favorite organizational tools are a set of small drawers for stashing bills, receipts and papers as they arrive. I also have a notebook in which I store important information from the town, school notices, phone numbers and warranties. I can always find the class list and recycling info, now if only I could remember where i put my keys!

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A Hopeful New Year

1 Jan 2009 In: Health

I am not one to spend hours reflecting on the past and stressing about the future. My life flows pretty smoothly and I try to enjoy each moment but I recently heard an uplifting story from an old friend I thought I’d share.

We’ve been friends for almost 20 years now and our lives have changed dramatically. Several years ago she went through fertility problems but ended up with healthy twins through IVF. This year her sister was having fertility problems and was then diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily she was diagnosed early and has a clean bill of health. But due to her illness and the treatments the doctors said she should never get pregnant. I had an easy time getting pregnant with both my children but have to imagine that wanting a child and not being able to have one must be devastating. Luckily she has an amazing sister who is willing to be a surrogate and carry a child (or 2 or 3) for her. It’s such a wonderful thing to do and a hopeful story to start out a great new year. To read more about her adventures go here.

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New Year’s Resolutions

30 Dec 2008 In: Fun, Holiday, Tips

Working on your New Year’s Resolutions? Sure anyone can resolve to lose weight, eat healthier and save more, but this year make a resolution you might actually keep! Resolve to learn or do something you have always wanted to!
Jealous of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars? Learn ballroom dancing. Always wanted to be in a band? Learn to play an instrument. Think you would be good at chess? Pick up a book or computer game. Want to knit your baby some booties? There’s no better time to learn. The possibilities are endless- local high schools and community centers offer all kinds of classes which don’t have to break the bank. Train for a marathon, volunteer your time, learn to use your computer (this one’s for my dad – he reads my emails then calls me back on the phone with an answer!), finally do your family tree, anything you have been putting off – there’s no time like the present.

What am I going to learn this year you ask? Well my list is long, but in choosing ONLY one thing I may actually stick to it. This summer I am going to take surfing lessons. I have been thinking about it for a while and I am finally going to do it. I’ll never be Kelly Slater, but I hope to have fun, get some exercise and show my kids you are never too old to try something new. Hang 10 in 2009!

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Wrapping Party

3 Dec 2008 In: Fun, Holiday, Parties

Tired of all the cookie parties you are invited to? Try a gift wrapping party instead. My friend holds an annual one each year. There’s holiday music, good food and great friends. We bring the gifts that need to be wrapped and the host provides wrapping paper, bows and tags. If you don’t like to wrap there is likely to be someone there who will do it for you, and if you don’t have your gifts you can help someone else. It’s a great way to get interesting gift ideas. It usually lasts most of the day and you can come and go as you please. It only works with friends and not family though as you don’t want them seeing their gifts ahead of time! It’s the ONE party I look forward to each year! Happy wrapping!

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Cookie cutter cookies

2 Dec 2008 In: Uncategorized

I remember as a child how much fun it was to make cookie cutter cookies full of sugary sprinkles, but as an adult I realized just how much work went into making the dough and waiting for it to be the right consistency. Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix takes the hassle out (and for allergy suffers you can easily tell them the ingredients). To the mix you add butter and eggs, mix and viola you are ready to go. Roll it out, cut your shapes, sprinkle and cook. It is so easy we’ll make them on the spur of the moment sometimes. It’s still a little messy of course so remember to get your camera out and capture your little ones covered in flour! (You can also use the pre-made refrigerated dough.)

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