WARNING! Did you hear about the car thieves who are drugging women in parking lots with fake perfume samples? Or that collecting soda pull tabs will earn time on a dialysis machine? A friend of my cousin swears this is true!

I am sure you have gotten hundreds of similar e-mails forwarded from well-meaning friends and family warning of the latest scams, viruses, health issues, etc.. While they are often entertaining and would make a great episode of CSI, I am skeptical of these e-mails and thus rarely forward them on.

It’s not that I don’t want to warn my friends about perfume car-jackers, it’s just that 9 times out of 10 these stories turn out to be bogus. In trying to find out the validity of some recently forwarded e-mails, I found a great website that researches these e-mail urban legends and lets you know whether or not they are indeed true and worth passing along to friends.

The next time you receive one of these e-mails and feel compelled to pass it along, do yourself (and your friend’s e-mail inboxes) a favor and visit: snopes.com and see if it’s legit or not.

Believe me, I would love to help find missing children, but it does not help if you are forwarding around false e-mails with pleas for help.

I will leave you now with this story and you can guess if it is fact or fiction:

Hairbands manufactured in China are being made out of recycled (used) condoms and string. Click here to see if it’s true or false?

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Project of the day – Knit a scarf

9 Sep 2008 In: Crafts

Knitting has been steadily gaining popularity for several years. It’s a relaxing hobby without many supplies required. Check your local directory for classes at the library, knitting store or adult school. You can probably even find a friend to teach you. Seems just about everyone is doing it!

Let us suggest that you make your first project a worthwhile one. Knit and donate a unisex scarf.

Make your next project a red scarf to donate to the Orphan Foundation of America program. Scarves will be accepted September 1, 2008¬† through¬† October 31, 2008 and are distributed in care packages sent off for Valentine’s Day. What a great and simple way to show you care.

Click here for more information on the OFA and specifics on the Red Scarf Project. They will provide the specifics on scarf size, color and styles accepted. They even provide a pattern.

The great thing is that even a beginner knitter can knit a decent scarf.

What are you still doing reading MOMBUZZ? Get Knitting!

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Why do kids love keys?

8 Sep 2008 In: Tips, Toys

Well I actually can’t answer that question. But if you have ever been with a small child you no doubt know this to be true. I often see kids playing with their parent’s keys. Somehow it keeps them entertained for hours!

Toy makers inevitably noticed this, and produced large, bright plastic toy keys. They somehow just aren’t the same – a kid will always choose the real keys.

What can you do if your kid just LOVES keys? You can’t give them yours, you need them to drive and get into the house and not to mention you don’t want them lost.

Get them their own set of “real keys”. If you visit your local hardware store they will often give you some of the mistake keys or for a few dollars you can buy a few new ones. (They come with neat patterns on them now.) Put them on a ring and Viola! Happiness.
(As with any toy and small objects watch your child as they could be a choking hazard!)

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Last week we came across a great new collection of books at the library called the Graphic Library Series. They are factual books covering historical events but done in a comic book style so kids forget they are learning.

The books cover a wide range of historical topics such as the first moon landing and The Boston Tea Party, biographies such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson and inventions such as blue jeans and the Personal computer.

The great thing about these books is that the words are fairly simple so even beginning readers can tackle them, and the comic book-style illustrations will hold the attention of non-readers as well. We have gone through about 10 so far, and I think I enjoy them as much as (or maybe more than!) the children do. (I now know all about the invention of the Polio vaccine!) I highly recommend you check your library for this series. The recommended reading level is 3rd-4th grade and interest level 3rd-9th, but my 4 and 6 year olds just love them. What will they think of next?

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Tip of the day: Can I have a drink mom?

7 Sep 2008 In: Food, home, Tips

I am always looking for easy ways to get my kids to help out and become more self sufficient. In our house someone is always thirsty (they are usually hungry too but that’s another article). So in order to quell their constant requests for a drink of water I filled up every sippy cup and water bottle we own with fresh water and put them on the lower level of the refrigerator door. They can easily get their own drink without having to ask for help.

If you fill them with juice you may want to keep a certain number at their level so they don’t drink more than you would like. You can also use it as a teaching tool if your kids are always asking for juice. Fill up their allotted number of juice cups and tell them when they are gone that’s it for the day. Then they have to drink water.

It’s been a great start to independence without the added mess of them pouring (I mean spilling) their own drinks!

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Project of the day: Playing card holder

6 Sep 2008 In: Crafts

Click on photo to view largerMy kids enjoy playing cards games, but it is so difficult for them to hold more than a couple without dropping them. It is impossible to play a fair game of GO FISH when you know what all their cards are!

I read that you can just use a chip clip to hold your cards that works fine, but then I found a site that made their own card holder out of old cd’s. We made this one using permanent markers and stickers. You can also use a CD sticker to print out a design or draw one then stick it on. We fastened the 2 cd’s together with strong red double stick craft tape and were good to go. We only taped the middle, so that cards can go all the way around. It was a fun project. Quick and not too messy. We stretched out the fun by trying it out afterwards. We made a couple extra so we have them around for card night.
There are many types of card holders, but this one was easy, cheap and didn’t require any skill!

Store bought card holders

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