Although these have been out for a while we feel they are worth mentioning. It is a series of cute DVD’s by Leap Frog which teach children about letters, letter sounds, words and numbers. They are a definite favorite in this house. The age range says 2-6 but I would say children as young as 1 will enjoy them and they will probably lose interest at about 5. At about 2 and a half, my son watched them every day for a couple weeks and afterward was proficient in letters and their sounds. The animation is cute and the songs are catchy. They have coordinating books and other educational toys.
Amazon has them available for $8.99 each or in the 5 pack. I am sure your local video store also has them. Educational and fun – what more can a parent ask for.

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Travel tip: Make shift bed rail

4 Sep 2008 In: Travel

Oh no! We forgot the bedgate – what are we going to do? Never fear.

When we travel by car, we usually just bring our home bed rails, but when traveling by plane they are a bit too big and heavy to pack! (Especially these days) So, in our travels we have tried many things. I have propped pillows all around the bed, moved the bed near the wall, and strategically placed a chair or dresser next to the bed.

In researching travel bed gates I came up with a simple idea. Take a thin blanket or sheet, roll it up and place it on the edge of the bed under the fitted sheet. The sheet holds it in place and creates a barrier between your angel and the floor. I’m not sure I would trust it for very little children, but mine are pretty wild sleepers and it works great for them. If you travel often, you can buy an inflatable one, but for a couple uses I felt they were a bit pricey.

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My son is obsessed with Transformers. He has been for years now since he saw this dancing car commercial. Way before the new movie came out we got our hands on the original series that my husband watched as a kid and watched every one many times. Of course we have the new cartoons, the new movie, many toys, books and we even made our own Halloween costume.

Our six foot tall Bumblebee

Our six foot tall Bumblebee

One day I was in Toys R Us and noticed this really cool Transformers display which consisted of 3 large cardboard characters. (Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Barricade for those in the know) I went to the desk and asked what they did when they took down the display and if I would be able to have it. She said they do give them away, but Read the rest of this entry »

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Instead of an ordinary rug, try using a bath mat at your kitchen sink or back door. They come in great colors and patterns, are soft and absorbent, and have non-slip bottoms. Best of all they are easily washable when they inevitably get splashed with spaghetti sauce or smeared with mud. Keep an extra that you can move around to your high traffic area and put away when you don’t need it. It’s especially great on rainy or snowy days and when you have a party with lots of guest coming in and out!

Available at many local stores – cost about $10 to $35

These are all available at

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Back to school

20 Aug 2008 In: School

It’s time for a new school year to begin. As kids it represents the end of lazy summer days but as a mom it represents some well earned time to myself. At our house we are anxiously awaiting the teacher assignments, getting some new clothes, picking out this year’s backpack and finishing up our summer assignments. Remember to pack environmentally friendly lunches by using re-useable containers and reduce waste by not overpacking.
When buying school supplies treat yourself to a new 3 ring binder with dividers and pockets. Use it to organize class lists, schedules, appointments, extra curricular information, fund raiser papers etc….. Put up a large calendar to coordinate all your activities. Pick a weekend at the end of the month to have a final summer BBQ. If you don’t do it now the weeks will fly by and before you know it it will be time for apple picking and pumpkin carving! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Quick reminders for the 1st day of school:

    -organize clothes and backpacks the night before
    -go to bed early
    -eat a healthy breakfast
    -don’t forget to pack lunch (& keep some money in your child’s lunchbox for days when you forget!)
    - Take a photo to mark the new year
    -Put a note in your child’s lunch or backpack. They may think you are corny but they will appreciate it!
    - Put on a happy face – it’s gonna be a great year!

Check back each day for more BUZZ

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What’s the deal with Organic milk?

14 Aug 2008 In: Food

I originally got turned on to organic milk after I had my daughter and read some scary articles about growth hormones in milk affecting girls’ growth and puberty. As my kids got a little older and didn’t drink much milk I thought about switching to regular to save money. That’s when I noticed that the expiration date on the organic milk was a whole month later than the regular milk! That’s right, 31 days. I just assumed that the chemicals and such would make regular milk last longer.

The reason behind organic milk’s miraculous shelf life actually does not lie in its pureness and healthiness – rather it is because of its weakness. It turns out that organic milk is so susceptible to parasites and other badies that its pasteurization process had to be changed from the way conventional milk is handled. According to NBC :

“Ultra High Temperature pasteurization involves superheating and cooling milk at extreme speeds, and extends the product’s shelf life from 17 to 45 days.”

I find milk (and most fresh foods) do not last very long once they have been opened. Buying organic I can keep several half gallons in the fridge so I never run out, and have a backup in case my milk goes bad. It’s a great for people who don’t use much milk, or don’t get out to the store often. Although it costs a bit more I find I don’t dump as much expired milk down the sink.

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