7 Aug 2008 In: Toys

Toy tip:
These stacking pails are a great toy! They store inside each other – stack up tall – are bright fun colors with different animals and shapes on each one. They can be used for stacking ( we used to stack them and hide toys and pacifiers inside for our daughter to find) you can use them in the tub – some have holes to let water out, or you can use them in the sand or dirt. They are sturdy and washable! A great gift idea. $20 from HURRY – they are retiring them at the end of the month!

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Tip of the day:

20 Jul 2008 In: Tips, Travel

Keep a couple towels in your car to throw over the steering wheel and car seats on hot days. The metal seat belt buckles get especially hot and can burn your child. It also never hurts to have a towel for an impromptu picnic or to clean up an unforeseen mess!

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Tip of the day: Goggles

6 Jul 2008 In: Tips

Tired of your kids complaining about sand in their eyes? At the beach or in the sandbox have them wear their swim goggles. This will not only keep the sand out of their eyes but many act as sunglasses as well.

You can’t help but get sand in your eyes when you dive into the sand like this crazy kid!

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Toy review – Bubble machine

30 Jun 2008 In: Toys

Imagine blowing hundreds a minute without being out of breath! Get yourself a bubble machine. It is so easy to use and believe it or not provides hours of fun! Makes a great gift for your favorite 1-3 year old. (Although older kids enjoy it too.) They cost between $10 and $25 and last a season or two. I usually place it out of the kids’ reach, because if they tip it over all of the bubbles spill out and gunk up the fan. You can clean it out and let the fan dry, but it takes a while and interrupts the fun. Other than that there is no maintenance required. It’s also easy to travel with. Bring it to the park and be the hit of the day! Pour in some bubble solution and watch them giggle, run and pop!

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Free summer concerts

25 Jun 2008 In: Fun

Who doesn’t like the word free? I urge you to take advantage of some of the fun local activites your area has to offer. Many of which are absolutely free. Our town and neighboring towns have summer concerts in the park. These usually feature styles such as big band, oldies, classic rock, and country. On a nice night you bring a chair and blanket and enjoy the show. The kids can run around and sing as loud as they like. You might run into some friends. Pack a picnic dinner or order up some pizza. Make sure to bring a drink, bug spray and a ball. You can often also buy ice cream or drinks. Best of all you may be ablew to introduce your kids to some new (old) songs!

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